Saudi Arabia Declares 2022 To Be The ‘Year Of Saudi Coffee’


In a time long before coffee became the morning staple and people lined up outside of Starbucks for their mochas and lattes, it was here in Arabia that coffee was an integral part of Arabian culture. It is believed that coffee was first roasted in brewed in southern Arabia way back in the 15th century. There’s even a town called Mocha in Yemen by the way – cool name, huh?

The Kingdom’s Ministry of Culture has designated 2022 as “The Year of Saudi Coffee,” bringing the country’s coffee culture to the fore.

It will be a grand celebration of coffee, with coffee estates in the kingdom’s south opening their doors to visitors for the first time.

Special attention will be given to the prized Khawlani beans. Saudi Arabia is pushing to get the Khalwani coffee cultivation on UNESCO’s list for intangible cultural heritage.

This bean has been cultivated by the tribes of the Khawlan, who’ve been cultivating coffee in a process unique to them for centuries.
In the Al Baha region, an entire city dedicated to coffee is being built.

The city will cover a total area of 1,600,000 sqm and will have 300,000 coffee plants in it.


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