Saudi Arabia Has Introduced E-Gates At Riyadh’s Airport


Dubai was all over the news for introducing its landmark Smart Gates. Now, Saudi Arabia has just introduced something similar called E-Gates at the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.
For travellers, this means that getting through passport control is a breeze. No more long lines or waiting for a human to check your documents—just a quick scan and you’re good to go.

These E-Gates are currently available at Terminals 3 and 4 of the airport.

This move isn’t just a one-off either. It’s part of Saudi Arabia’s ongoing mission to level up travel procedures for everyone—citizens, residents, and visitors alike. By introducing efficient, smart, and digital solutions, they’re making sure that travelling to Saudi Arabia is super easy.

So, next time you’re jetting off to the King Khalid International Airport, keep an eye out for those sleek E-Gates.


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