Saudi Arabia Is Now The Second Fastest Growing Tourism Destination In The World


Saudi Arabia is racing its way to the top of the travel charts! In recent years, the country has almost rolled out the red carpet with smooth travel visa procedures, launched eye-catching promotional campaigns worldwide, and highlighted the diverse wonders that lie within the Kingdom’s borders. The huge push for tourism that the government is backing seems to be reaping results.

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the Kingdom has snatched the title of the world’s second fastest growing tourism destination.

In the first quarter of 2023, international tourists flocked to the Kingdom in droves, surpassing pre-pandemic levels with a whopping 64 percent increase and a staggering 7.8 million visitors in just a few months. It’s not even summer yet!

But wait, there’s more! Saudi Arabia isn’t just settling for second place. In 2022, it climbed a staggering 12 spots on the WTO Index, landing itself as the 13th most visited country by international tourists globally. 16.6 million international tourists visited the country in 2022 With such a dramatic increase in numbers this year, Saudi Arabia could well climb its way to the top 10.


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