Saudi Arabia’s Premier Luxury Train Service Is Set To Launch Next Year!

Hera Shabbir

Looks like your train rides around the Kingdom are about to get a whole lot fancier 👀 The Saudi Railway Authority just signed a deal with Italian group Arsenale to make the ‘Dream of the Desert’ luxury train that costs a whopping SAR 200 million!

This new fancy train has around 40 luxury cabins that are all glamorous!

This new luxurious railways is set to take its first ride in November 2025 from Riyadh, to Hail, and back to Al Qurayyat Train station.

The gorgeous train has modern amenities, plush and comfy seating, and a bunch of open space!

This looks like a full on luxurious bedroom! Imagine riding through the vast deserts of the Kingdom while lounging in this comfortable cabin! The train itself can seat up to 80 passengers, due to its exclusive amenities and first-class services.


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