Saudi Arrests 21 Individuals For Attempting Unauthorized Hajj Entry

Hera Shabbir

Saudi authorities have arrested 21 violators trying to sneak into Makkah for Hajj without the right permits, on Friday. The group consisted of eight residents and 13 citizens.

Each person caught got a 15-day jail sentence and a SAR 10,000 fine

The expatriates will be deported and banned from reentering Saudi Arabia for a set period. They also confiscated three vehicles used to transport the violators. The Ministry of Interior urges everyone to follow Hajj rules so that all pilgrims can have a safe and peaceful experience.

The Kingdom re-iterated the importance of safe and valid Hajj travel for all pilgrims

Lt. Gen. Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-Bassami, the director of Public Security and chairman of the Hajj Security Committee, emphasized that ensuring the safety of pilgrims during their Hajj rituals until they return home is a top priority for the Hajj security forces. He highlighted that preventing Hajj regulation violators and those without permits is crucial to this mission. The Lt. Gen also outlined that Public Security has shut down 140 fake Hajj campaigns, caught 64 carriers violating regulations, turned back 97,664 vehicles in violation, and stopped 171,587 non-residents of Makkah, according to the SPA.


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