Saudi Citizen Sentenced To Prison For 34 Million SAR Fraud Case

Hera Shabbir

A Saudi court has sentenced a citizen to three years in prison and fined him SR300,000 for forgery involving SR34 million, as announced by the Public Prosecution.

The individual was found guilty of misusing three checks from a charitable organization to commit forgery

The Public Prosecution’s Crimes Against Public Trust division launched an investigation into the charges against the citizen, who was accused of violating the Penal Law for Forgery Crimes. The investigation revealed that he had illicitly obtained a checkbook belonging to a non-profit charitable association and misappropriated three checks, forging amounts totaling over SR34 million. The checks were submitted to financial institutions under the pretense that they were for contract work related to maintenance projects for the charity. However it was soon found out that this information was false, and the suspect was immediately taken into custody.

He also forged a document with a fabricated signature of the CEO and the organization’s seal

Following his arrest, the citizen was brought before the court, which reviewed the evidence and delivered a verdict, sentencing him to a three-year prison term and imposing a substantial fine of SR300,000.

The Public Prosecution emphasized its commitment to the legal protection of documents and seals, warning that any violations involving forgery would lead to criminal accountability.

According to the Penal Law for Forgery Crimes, anyone who forges a non-official document faces imprisonment for up to three years and a fine of up to SR300,000! 

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