Saudi Citizens Are Now Eligible For E-Visas To Russia


There’s great news for all you Saudi nationals dreaming of a Russian adventure—no more embassy hassles to get those entry visas! Moscow has just gone digital and introduced an online visa system for Saudis. And guess what? The rule has already gone into effect, according to the Saudi Gazette.

Here’s the scoop: if you’re itching to explore Russia, all you’ve gotta do is hop on their unified electronic platform and grab yourself an e-visa in a jiffy.

Oh, and get this—it’s a breeze to apply! Just fill in your deets, throw in a personal photo, and scan the main page of your passport. There’s no need to worry about tonnes of other documents.

The e-visa is like a magic ticket! It lets you do it all—from tourism and commerce to private visits and even joining in on scientific, cultural, social, economic, or sporting events. So, whatever floats your boat, Russia’s got you covered!

Just make sure you follow the travel updates from the Saudi embassy before travelling due to the current geopolitical situation.

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