Saudi Civil Defense Issues Warning Of Heavy Rains In Saudi Arabia

Hera Shabbir

The season is coming to a change and forecasts show expected heavy rains in the Kingdom. As this time of year approaches, the Ministry of Health, Civil Defense, and other officials issue warnings of coping with heavy rainfall.

The Civil Defense issues a list of important warnings to follow during this season

One of the most prominent warnings is to stay away from valleys and places where water can  gather. The Civil Defense also urged not to venture out to cut floods of any size, and avoid going out during heavy rainfall.

Ministry of Health reminds the health precautions to take during rainfall

With the recent Jeddah floods, it’s essential for everyone to know how to cope with heavy rain for safety and shelter reasons.

The list of important tips to avoid catching a flu/disease include:

1. Stay at home when it rains very heavily.

2. Do not sit for a long time directly in the rain.

3. Make sure you have a jacket or umbrella with you so you don’t get wet.

4 Stay away from rain gathering places.

5. Wear long sleeved clothes

6. Fully cover your legs.

7. Moisturize the skin with insect repellent creams if necessary.

8. Permanent use of nets to narrow insect entry holes from doors and windows

Keep this list of tips with you to stay safe during monsoon season

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