Saudi Couple Stuns With Epic Formula 1 Inspired Wedding Entrance

Hera Shabbir

Saudi newlyweds recently broke the internet with their epic wedding entrance that has everyone turning heads.

Abdulaziz Khashogji and Amirah Al-Bassam made history with their formula 1 inspired entrance on Jeddah’s F1 circuit

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“We both love doing things differently,” said 32-year-old Abdulaziz to Arab News. “The whole experience was iconic and incredibly special. We’re so grateful for making our night as memorable as our relationship,” added 26-year-old Amirah.

The adorable couple made the dazzling entrance as husband and wife in a stunning red 2024 Ferrari Roma Spider

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The couple was seen waving to their guests while driving across the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, the fastest and longest street circuit in F1. Photos and videos of their extraordinary wedding reception have been buzzing on social media, with many people expressing excitement and admiration for the unique Saudi wedding entrance.

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