Saudi Gave The Warmest Welcome To The First Batch Of Egyptian Pilgrims

Hera Shabbir

The first batch of Egyptian pilgrims has officially arrived in Makkah, and Saudi Arabia’s welcome committee pulled out all the stops to make their entrance unforgettable! The scene was set for a heartwarming and fun-filled welcome that left everyone feeling special and celebrated.

They were greeted with the delightful sight of flowers, gifts and smiles

Each pilgrim received a fresh flower, adding a touch of beauty and joy to the occasion. But that was just the beginning! Gifts, bottles of Zamzam water, and delicious dates were handed out, offering a perfect blend of tradition and hospitality. And let’s not forget the aromatic Saudi coffee, which was served to kickstart their journey with a warm and flavorful note.

The welcome committee had also arranged a fabulous spread of food and refreshments

@1304_sWelcoming Hajj pilgrims from Egypt, hopefully it will be a Mabrur/Mabruroh Hajj,Aameen🤲♬ suara asli – ❤️___s1304🫶

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From savory dishes to an array of sweets, the pilgrims were treated to a feast that set a positive and joyful tone for their pilgrimage. The sight of the lavish table featuring delicacies was a true feast for the eyes!

Saudi Arabia has a long-standing reputation for making pilgrims from all over the world feel special during Hajj, and this year was no exception

The Kingdom’s commitment to hospitality shines through in the detailed planning and effort put into welcoming pilgrims of all nationalities!

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