Saudi Green Initiative Has Launched ‘Namour’ To Inspire Environmental Awareness In Children

Rama Maad
Saudi Green Innitiative Has Launched 'Namour' To Inspire Environmental Awareness In Children

Calling all young change makers in Saudi Arabia!

The Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) has unveiled a brand new champion for the environment: Namour!

This dynamic character, inspired by the mighty Arabian leopard, Nimr Al-Arabi, is here to ignite your passion for protecting our planet.

Namour embodies the power, agility, and grace needed to tackle environmental challenges. He represents Saudi Arabia’s unwavering commitment to a greener future, where sustainability goes hand-in-hand with progress.

Namour is a new partner in environmental action!

Get ready to join Namour on his exciting mission! An ally to parents and educators, Namour will promote learning and engagement about climate and sustainability. Through engaging resources and inspiring content, he’ll empower young people to learn, act, and make a difference.

Look out for Namour online, in classrooms, and across social media. The initiative, supported by the Ministry of Education, aims to make environmental action engaging and exciting for everyone.

Protecting our natural heritage with Namour

Namour’s roar isn’t just about raising awareness – it’s about taking action! He’ll be a strong advocate for protecting Saudi Arabia’s incredible biodiversity, with a special focus on the critically endangered Arabian leopard.

There were seven Arabian leopard cubs born in 2023 thanks to a successful breeding program in Taif under the Saudi Green Initiative. This program, along with rewilding efforts for other endangered animals like the Arabian oryx, showcases Saudi Arabia’s dedication to preserving its precious wildlife.

Join Namour’s movement – explore his story, follow him on social media, and share his message with the world!

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