Saudi Is Launching Its Very Own Space Futures Center!


The World Economic Forum has entered into a partnership with the Saudi Space Agency to establish a Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) focused on space initiatives.

Saudi Is Launching Its Very Own Space Futures Center!

This collaborative effort aims to drive advancements in space technology and sustainability on both local and global scales.

Scheduled to commence operations in Autumn 2024, the Center for Space Futures will serve as a platform for fostering public-private dialogues regarding space collaboration. It will draw upon the best practices from the Forum and its global communities to propel progress within the international space sector.

This is a significant milestone for Saudi and space exploration

Saudi Is Launching Its Very Own Space Futures Center!

This initiative marks a significant milestone as the inaugural center within the Fourth Industrial Revolution Centers network dedicated exclusively to space exploration. It will work in tandem with C4IR Saudi Arabia to support the realization of Saudi Vision 2030, which outlines the nation’s objectives for economic diversification, enhanced global engagement, and improved quality of life.

The CEO of the Saudi Space Agency expressed the Center’s commitment to its cause

Saudi Is Launching Its Very Own Space Futures Center!

Dr. Mohammed Altamimi, CEO of the Saudi Space Agency, underscores the Center’s commitment to cultivating a thriving and sustainable space economy worldwide. Through the development of guiding principles, knowledge dissemination, and strategic partnerships, the aim is to harness the vast potential of space exploration responsibly.

Climate monitoring and enhanced connectivity were emphasized at the World Economic Forum

Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, emphasizes the critical role of the global space sector in addressing pressing challenges such as climate monitoring and enhanced connectivity.

The establishment of the Center for Space Futures within the C4IR Network underscores the Forum’s dedication to addressing key areas including space technology innovation, regulatory frameworks, and environmental sustainability through collaborative, multi stakeholder efforts.


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