Saudi Lifts 3 Year Entry Ban: Expats Won’t Be Penalized For Returning After Visa Expiry

Hera Shabbir

The Kingdom’s General Directorate of Passports have given the green light for those who sorta messed up on their exit and reentry visa. This new rule dropped this Tuesday, in which the Kingdom officially lifted the three-year entry ban that was previously in place.

Travelers will no longer be banned entry for three years after failing to enter after visa expiry

Businessmen in the Kingdom pushed for this change, as the ban messed with the workflow environment.  The ban caused employees to cut ties, terminate contracts, causing severe financial loss.

Jawazat also threw in some new rules for getting your exit and re-entry

  1. Pay off alll traffic fines.
  2. No violations that led to not canceling a previous unused visa.
  3. No valid visa floating around
  4. The person getting the visa needs to be in the Kingdom.
  5. Passport needs to have at least 90 days left.
  6. Fingerprints

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