Saudi National Theatre Launches Its First Theatrical Play “Daraish Al-Nour”


The Ministry of Culture launched the National Theater Initiative at the King Fahd Cultural Center on Tuesday with its first theatrical show of Daraish Al-Nour (Windows of Light). It is the first work produced by the national theater that combines tragedy and music, after several years of no productions.

Daraish Al-Nour was presented to the public for free on January 28 and 29. It tells stories of Saudi society in different eras.

The play was written by poet Saleh Zamanan, and directed by Fatees Baqna. It features the following local actors: Ibrahim Al-Hassawi, Dr. Nayef Khalaf, Abdulaziz Al-Mabdal, Shafi Al-Harthi, Khaled Saqr, and Shujaa’ Nashat, along with a group of young rising talents.

A southern folkloric Mawwal performed by the actress Al-Reem



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