Saudi Number 1 Plate Sold For Over 24 Million SAR!

Hera Shabbir

Nothing beats Saudi’s luxury scene, and this recent purchase definitely proves it. A recent bidding war over a coveted number plate reached unprecedented heights, leaving car enthusiasts absolutely shocked!

The plate in question? A simple yet striking combination of the number 1 and the letter E 🙌🏻


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In the world of personalized plates, such a combination is like owning a rare gem. For one fortunate bidder, the chance to own this prized possession came with a hefty price tag. After ten rounds of intense bidding, the special plate sold for a staggering 24,150,000 Saudi Riyals. Yes, you read that right, over 24 million Riyals for a sequence of digits and a single letter 😮‍💨.

But what drives such crazy spending on a mere number plate? 🤔

In the Gulf region, particularly in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE, personalized plates are more than just a means of identification. They’re actually status symbols and sometimes even expressions of individuality! It’s not uncommon to see cars adorned with plates bearing lucky numbers, initials, or even special dates. And for some, the allure of owning a unique combination like 1E is simply irresistible 💪🏻.


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