Saudi Officially Launches Their Bid To Host The 2034 World Cup


The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) is throwing its hat in the ring for the FIFA World Cup 2034, and they’ve got a catchy slogan: “Growing. Together.”


SAFF has officially declared its intent to host the 48-team World Cup tournament for the first time as a single nation.


Saudi Arabia’s bid for the FIFA World Cup 2034 is more than just football!

Saudi Officially Launches Their Bid To Host The 2034 World Cup

Picture this: Saudi Arabia is on the world stage, hosting the World Cup, and it’s all about growth. The bid is built on three cool pillars — ‘Growing People. Together.’, ‘Growing Football. Together.’, and ‘Growing Connections. Together.’ It’s for the people, and the global football community.


Saudi isn’t a newcomer to the football world 

Saudi Officially Launches Their Bid To Host The 2034 World Cup

Saudi Arabia isn’t new to the game. In the last six years, they’ve hosted over 100 international events in almost 40 sports, making friends with 100 countries along the way. Yasser Al Misehal, president at SAFF, wants the world to know about Saudi Arabia’s football story — progress for both men and women.


The bid’s logo is just as cool as the bid itself! 

Saudi Officially Launches Their Bid To Host The 2034 World Cup

Check out the bid’s logo: ribbons doing a happy dance to form the number ’34’ and tracing the country’s map. It’s like Saudi Arabia’s youthful spirit, cultural richness, and diversity all wrapped up in one. And the colors — Desert Amber, Oasis Green, Radiance Red, Rich Lavender, and Sunrise Yellow are the hues of Saudi heritage and dreams.


Bonus: A cool new film serving as a sneak peek into Saudi’s football scene


But wait, there’s more! A snazzy film narrated by Layan Jouhari, a midfielder for the Saudi women’s national team, and a score by Saudi music giant, MDLBEAST, gives you a sneak peek into Saudi Arabia’s football passion, cultural melting pot, and breathtaking landscapes.


Another aspect of Vision 2030’s incredible goals (pun intended)


With Hammad Albalawi leading the charge in a special bid unit, SAFF is all in to woo FIFA, getting the support of over 130 Member Associations. This bid is part of Vision 2030, showing Saudi Arabia’s commitment to using sports to grow nationally and globally. And remember that FIFA Club World Cup in Jeddah in December 2023? That was just a warm-up for what’s coming.


Saudi Arabia is turning into a sports powerhouse, using football’s universal language to bring people, cultures, and nations together for a celebration of growth and good vibes. 


Who’s ready for the World Cup in 2034?


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