Saudi Peeps On X Are Obsessed With This Charming Dunkin’ Outlet In AlUla


Dunkin’ has been on a rapid expansion spree in the country. Some days in the past year even saw a record 30 stores open in a single day. But out of all these Dunkin’ spots, there’s one in AlUla that’s stealing the spotlight. Saudi X users are fixated on its branch in AlUla, which is being dubbed its most beautiful one yet.

It all started when a popular account on X posted these photos of an aesthetically pleasing Dunkin’ outlet that perfectly blended into its surroundings.

Some even said they wanted to pack their bags and head to AlUla just to check out this Dunkin’. It’s clearly getting a tad out of control, but you can’t blame them when you see how stunning this place is.

People started sharing photos of their visits to the particular branch on the thread. The thread turned into a Dunkin’ fan club meeting of sorts.


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