Saudi Sends A Private Plane To Help A Family Who Can’t Travel By Land


A family are blown away by the kindness of Saudi Health Authorities…

A series of images on Twitter is going viral after a worried father reached out to health authorities when his daughter had a medical check-up in Riyadh.

The family are located in Abha and the child had a medical appointment in Riyadh. Her dad called to cancel the appointment as they can’t travel by land due to COVID-19 restrictions. But incredibly, within a few hours, the Health Ministry sent a private plane for a round trip, so they could make the appointment.

Saudi Medevac, the air-ambulance service, sent a private plane to transport the young girl who suffers from atrophy

A medical team met them on the runway and assisted them throughout the journey

“Thank you for the blessing of Saudi Arabia”

The story has been shared thousands of times and the internet is in awe of the kindness.


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