Saudi Takes the Lead As World’s Best in Road Connectivity

Saudi Takes the Lead As World's Best in Road Connectivity

Saudi takes the crown as the world’s most connected country

Saudi Arabia emerges as a global connectivity champ! Minister of Transport and Logistics, Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser revealed that there has been a 50% plunge in serious accidents, deaths, and injuries—a testament to the Kingdom’s commitment to road safety.


“Safe Distinguished Roads” hits its fourth-year stint

Saudi Takes the Lead As World's Best in Connectivity

Al-Jasser kicks off the fourth edition of the “Safe Distinguished Roads” campaign, aiming to level up the efficiency and safety of Saudi roads. The mission? To create a road network that’s not just connected but safe and service-ready for every driver.


Safety takes center stage

Saudi Takes the Lead As World's Best in Connectivity

Al-Jasser highlights the superhero efforts in road safety—engineering marvels, intersection upgrades, and a serious safety investment. The result? A staggering 50% reduction in serious driving mishaps, aligning with the United Nations’ safety goals for 2030.


Saudi hits a 5.7 rating in three years

Saudi Takes the Lead As World's Best in Connectivity

According to Al-Jasser, Saudi roads are having a major glow-up. Massive investments over decades are making them top-notch, not to mention the ongoing efforts in engineering, black spot management, and safety-focused investments. All these moves contributed big time to slashing serious accidents and hitting the United Nations’ safety target — a 50% reduction in accident-related deaths by 2030.

Plus, with a current road quality rating of 5.7 in just three years, Saudi Arabia is cruising towards excellence on the map to 2030.

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