Saudi TikToker Charms Audience With Country-Style Tea Tutorial

Hera Shabbir

Saudis never fall short when it comes to coming up with creative content for TikTok, and famous TikToker @TALAL772 bought his best country look for his recent video.

Talal went on a country adventure in Saudi make some tea!

@talal77e Smoked tea 🪵🔥😍 For 1 liter of water 12.5g Ceylon black tea (OPA) 55g sugar Keep it resting for 25 minutes ____________ #tea #explore #طلال_توليفة ♬ original sound – طلال توليفة

Talal gave a tutorial on how to make smoked tea in the Kingdom, but with a country twist. He was seen pulling out the best accent along with his country-boy hat and attire. It was the perfect blend of east and west as the TikToker showcased his tea-making skills for TikTok.

The internet went with it, and loved his creativity


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