Saudi’s Definitely About To Win The 2034 World Cup Bid After Australia Pulled Out

Hera Shabbir

Looks like Saudi Arabia just got one step closer to being the official host for the FIFA 2034 World Cup! Bid submissions opened earlier this month, with Australia being Saudi’s only competitor.

Australia however recently announced its withdrawal from submission, leaving Saudi as the only legitimate bidder

Australia announced it would be supporting the Kingdom in their bid to host the World Cup, along with many other countries like like Indonesia, Philippines, India, Cuba, Thailand, Malaysia and more. Australia has previously hosted a Women’s World Cup, but never a men FIFA World Cup. Although this was a great opportunity for the nation, Saudi is now number one at securing the spot to host the iconic games. It would also make the Kingdom the second nation in the GCC to host a FIFA World Cup!

The Crown Prince also gave an inspiring statement about Saudi’s desire to host the World Cup

The Saudi leader stated, “Saudi Arabia’s desire to bid for the 2034 Fifa World Cup is a reflection of the country’s progress in all sectors. The kingdom has quickly emerged as a leading hub and an international destination for hosting major events thanks to its rich cultural heritage, economic strength and the ambition of its people.” Ready up your gear guys, and stay tuned for the official announcement soon!


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