See Pics: Riyadh Looked Like A Dream During The Rains


If you live in a hot desert climate like ours, you’ll know how much we crave the clouds and the rains. This past weekend, after a very long time, rains hit the capital and Riyadhi social media went abuzz with photos. We sifted through dozens of them to present you with this list.

1.  KAFD looks very futuristic here.

Image Credit: @Messi_10_30/Twitter

2. Downtown Riyadh looks even better when it rains.

3. When the rains just started.

4. The rain didn’t stop Riyadhis from enjoying Riyadh Season.

5.  So dramatic!

6. The rains have come right after prayers for rain were held around the country.

7. For most Riyadhis it was picnic time.

8. What a welcome break from the heat.

Image Credit: Tw/@msaa_55

9. It was so cloudy that the peaks of the tallest of skyscrapers were nowhere to be seen.

Image Credit: Tw/@msaa_55

10. One of the rarest of rare sights.

Image Credit: Tw/@msaa_55


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