Signboards Of An Ancient Arabian Language Are Now All Over AlUla And There’s A Legit Reason Why


If you’ve been to AlUla recently chances are that you’ve come across signboards in some illegible script. We did some trawling on Twitter and finally have the answers.

AlUla is inextricably linked to its illustrious Dadanitic heritage.

The people back then didn’t speak Arabic; ancient inscriptions of which there is no shortage of here are found in Aramaic, Minaic, Dadanitic, Nabataean and even Greek.

Saudi Arabia is now attempting to revive the old Dadanitic script.

It looks pretty cool, huh?

A Twitter user shared an image of a keyboard for this script that’s under development.

A language institute has opened in AlUla recently and one of the languages being thought there is the language of the Nabataeans.


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