Stormy Skies Over Madinah: Lightning Strikes As Heavy Rain Pours Down On The City

Hera Shabbir

Madinah has been witnessing quite some heavy rain since yesterday and the storm is bringing about thunder, lightening, and heavy downpour!

Videos of the storm have been circulating the internet, as the ministry warns the public to remain cautious when outdoors.

Lightening lit up the skies of the city all night followed by some heavy rainfall

Someone captured this video of lightening striking the city multiple times.

The public was however seen enjoying the outdoors at the Prophet’s Mosque

People who were visiting the islamic hub of the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah enjoyed the cool breeze and downpour on site. People were seen enjoying a stroll outside the mosque, praying under the raindrops, all while taking in the gorgeous view!

A few areas did flood however, causing the civil defense to remind residents to remain cautious

A Twitter user posted this video of a valley witnessing a torrent of rainfall in the area.


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