Supporting The Ladies: 5 Women Powering Up The Kingdom’s Business Scene

Hera Shabbir

Among the bustling streets of Saudi and beyond, these women are rewriting the rules of entrepreneurship with flair and finesse! From pop-up stores showcasing traditional Saudi fashion to whimsical spots serving up fusion cuisine these women are turning every corner into a canvas and you have got to check it out!

5. Mona Mosly and her iconic treats for your cinematic experience


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Mona has been making headlines in the Kingdom’s culinary scene for a while now. Apart from being a top judge and host on MBC’s Top Chef, she is also the genius behind the treats at VOX Cinema’s Gold Experience, bringing a special curated menu for you to enjoy your cinematic experience with!

4. Her Highness Princess Deema bint Mansour Al Saud and her creativity behind Personage!


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This local brand is all things exclusive. Her store known as Personage features a collection of both local and international treats. Picture a vibrant pop-up shops, with a hint of dazzling art exhibitions, and memorable musical performances all under one roof! Personage, is definitely where the spirit of Saudi fashion comes alive in the most delightful ways!

3. Shaimaa Mirza and her divine relationship with Chocolate!


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Leave it to Shaimaa to make you the most luxurious and fancy chocolates you’ve probably ever seen! Her collection at Mirza Chocolate brings you the perfect blend of truffle filled chocolate, some with a hint of Saudi-inspired ingredients like ginger and spices, and also the most gorgeous yet delicious dark chocolate bars. You’ll definitely want to take a fair share of pictures before you dive into her state-of-the-art treats.

2. Muzon Ashgar and her top-quality yet affordable beauty products!


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MZN Bodycare is one of Saudi’s most affordable and cruelty-free beauty brands that are absolutely transforming the industry. The slogan for this amazing brand is “a brand from the region to the region. A brand by women, for women”, and let’s just say she’s aced it!

1. Khulood Olaqi and her solution to all your sushi night cravings!

In 2013, while juggling her university studies, Khulood Olaqi embarked on a deliciously daring adventure: crafting a Saudi sushi sensation! With her husband, Farid Tawfik by her side, Khulood dove into the world of sushi, mastering the art of rolling, slicing, and deboning through the magical realm of YouTube tutorials! The chef then transformed into a self-taught sushi sensation, thus creating Oishii Sushi.


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