The Kingdom Announces KSA Visa: A New Digital Platform Issuing All Types Of Visas In Saudi

Hera Shabbir

Saudi Arabia has taken a leap into the future with the launch of its new and innovative digital visa system, totally revolutionizing the way travelers access the country. This cutting-edge visa application process, known as KSA Visa, enables visitors to obtain their visas electronically within minutes, bypassing traditional paperwork hassles. The digital visa, accessible through an intuitive online platform, offers a seamless and efficient experience, catering to the diverse needs of tourists, business professionals, and pilgrims.

The new platform will give you a visa within 60 seconds!

With this easy visa,Saudi Arabia aims to enhance accessibility and promote tourism by simplifying entry procedures, fostering global connections, and showcasing its rich cultural heritage! Looks like all your vacay plans should feature Saudi Arabia in there somewhere!

Saudi also recently hit a record-breaking 142 per cent increase in tourism this year

Considering the numerous attractions, the Kingdom actually welcomed 14.2 MILLION tourists in just the first half of 2023! You totally read it right, 14.2 million people in just 6 months!  Saudi Arabia has a mesmerizing tapestry of tourist attractions, which feature gorgeous views, breathtaking cityscapes, and the most rich heritage. From the architectural marvel of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of AlUla, with its ancient Nabatean tombs and sandstone formations, to the vibrant cityscape of Riyadh, a blend of modernity and tradition, the Kingdom’s got it all!  If you’re more of a tropical traveler, the Red Sea coastline also features the most pristine beaches and vibrant coral reefs, perfect for diving enthusiasts. If you’re a history buff, then the historical wonders of Jeddah’s old town, Al Balad, has the most unique architecture and amazing souks, narrating tales of the past. No wonder everyone wants to come here!


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