The Kingdom Is Looking To Modify Rulings On The National Flag

Hera Shabbir

After nearly 50 years, the Saudi Arabia Shoura Council approved changes to the Kingdom’s Flag Law for future modifications

The current flag which depicts a sword and inscription of the Islamic degree, is looking to be modified in order to clearly define the proper uses of the state emblem. The changes hope to enhance awareness and importance about the flag to minimize violations and neglect.

The changes also aim to keep up with the consistent reforms being witnessed by the Kingdom under the Vision 2030 initiatives

Not only will the rulings protect the national flag, but penalties will also take place for misconducts against regulations for the official national anthem.

The move also emphasizes the need to establish permissions and control for the state’s emblem in all forums and events, whilst maintaining the respect and recognition for the flag

The official design of the national flag was finalized March 15, 1973. However, details on the change in contents or design have not been officially released yet.


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