The TikTok Community Encouraged An Expat To Wear A Traditional Fit On National Day

Hera Shabbir

Saudi is welcoming expats to the country on the daily, and that too with open arms. A TikToker known as ‘coachsaminsaudi’ is new to the country and got the most heartfelt encouragement to soak in the culture. He recently posted a TikTok asking the Saudi community if it was okay for him to wear the traditional Thobe on Saudi National day, and the comment section TOTALLY passed the vibe.

The video got thousands of views as Coach Sam admired the Saudi fit

@coachsaminsaudi Can i wear this? #saudiarabia #fyp ♬ original sound – CoachSam

People in the comments were encouraging the expat to wear the Thobe as a sign of respect. His eagerness and consideration of asking the community before doing it won the hearts of many.

People had nothing but encouragement for this coach!

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