The Women In The Viral Saudi Starbucks Brawl Video Have Been Arrested


Saudi police recently rounded up six women for their involvement in a brawl caught on video. This all went down in Hail, a city in northern Saudi Arabia. The cops mentioned that they’ve got some “legal procedures” lined up for them but didn’t spill the beans on the specifics, according to the Gulf News.

The whole thing went viral when a video surfaced on social media, showing a bunch of ladies duking it out at a coffee shop. It’s a real rumble—fists flying and kicks thrown—all while the café staff looked on in shock.

All six of them in the video have since been arrested.

The brawl, by the way, went down inside a Starbucks joint in Ha’il, according to the grapevine on social media. As for what set it off, well, no one seems to be too sure at this point. The video did raise several eyebrows and has gone viral since.

You can watch it below:

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