These 5 Acts Can Land You Hefty Fines In The Kingdom

Hera Shabbir

It is very important to know the laws and rules of Saudi Arabia, as many acts can land you with a heavy fine, or even serving jailtime

These five acts listed below can result in you having to deal with the Saudi law and pay a hefty fine. So be careful and make sure nor you or anyone you know is caught doing these five acts.

1. Being disrespectful to elders

Saudi recently announced a big fine of 500,000 SAR for anyone who mistreats or abuses old people in the Kingdom.

2. Crossing valleys during torrents

Due to unpredictable rain and flooding, Saudi has placed fines up to 10,000 SAR for those who attempt to cross the Kingdom’s valleys and reefs during the flow of torrents.

3. Spreading rumors about public order

This one’s a  big one as rumors and false information is not tolerated in the Kingdom. Those who spread lies can get fined up to 3 million SAR and jailtime for five years.

4. Taking pictures of people/accidents/crimes without permission

A first-time violation can result in a fine of 1,000 SAR for those who take videos and pictures of the public without permission. Second-time offenses can result in a fine of 2,000 SAR.

5. Overstaying a residence visa

Overstaying in the Kingdom once your visa is expired can actually cost you more than a ticket back home! People who are caught by the government overstaying their residencies in the Kingdom can be fined up to 50,000 SAR



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