These Expat Travelers Totally Believe Saudi Is A Generous And Welcoming Country!

Hera Shabbir

A group of explorers are out on a journey of the Heart Of Arabia. This expedition actually follows the footsteps of Harry St. John Philby’s mission to Ibn Saud, back in 1917! It covers different regions of the Kingdom including Al Uqair, Al Hadida, Rub Al Khali, and more.

These travelers are totally loving the Saudi hospitality on their journey

As reported by the Saudi Press Agency, one of the travelers, Mark Evans believes that the people in Saudi Arabia are very generous and welcoming. “People in the Kingdom make you feel as if you are one of them. I am happy and lucky, and I felt, as all my team, at home. People here are generous and welcoming and racing to host us at their places we pass through. Such great people and history, indeed,” Evans said — SPA.

Mark Evans also thinks the Kingdom’s landscapes are extraordinary 👀

They were sent-off by Philby’s actual grandchildren! 🙌

The travelers were showing receiving quite the send-off in the historical district of Diriyah, from the British and Saudi descendants of Harry St John Philby! Their journey kicked off around a week ago.

Bet you’ve never seen a stone hand axe like this before 😱

Keep up with their travels for the coolest historical discoveries!

You can actually find out more about this awesome expedition here!


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