These Pictures Will Definitely Get You In All The Ramadan Feels

Hera Shabbir

Ramadan is officially one day away and everyone has definitely to started decorating. Ramadan brings about a totally unique vibe of peace, happiness, and deliciousness! Spending Ramadan in Saudi is definitely a treat and these 7 pictures will show you why.

Almost everyone’s houses have these decorations

Nothing better than the OG red geometrical designs that come out this season!

Eating Iftar on the floor with this beautiful spread is a MUST 😍

People get quite creative this season and make the most beautiful setup for Iftar of dates, juices, and beautiful placemats!

Let’s not forget the decorative lights! ✨


Staying up until suhoor with this view outside…

Let’s be honest, everyone needs this during the holy month 🤤

Nothing beats Iftar in the Two Holy Mosques

Everyone knows its alpha season for sambousas 😍

Don’t forget to share your favorite pics this Ramadan with #lovinriyadh!

Wishing everyone a lovely Ramadan Season 🌙 ⭐️


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