These Saudi Masterminds Have Changed The Puzzle Game By Adding A Local Twist To Their Designs

Hera Shabbir

Ali Al-Mohsen is the mastermind behind ‘Saudi Puzzles’ and makes the most beautiful and localized puzzles for the Saudi community

He creates thousand-piece puzzles of different landscapes around the Kingdom, and other traditional and cultural objects familiar to the Saudi community. The artists told Arab News that he was such a fan of the art looking forward to the venture, that COVID -19’s lockdown protocol created the ideal opportunity for him to build on his dream of puzzle-making.

The artists first references photography of landmarks around the Kingdom, and transforms them into beautiful pieces made of puzzles

Ibrahim Al-Omar is also another engineer and brains behind another puzzle company known as ‘Makhshab.’ This mastermind had also came up with the idea of puzzles due to the popularity of the game during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Al Omar’s company, ‘Makhsab’ supplies customers with different wooden parts to create functioning objects including a Ferris wheel,  hot air balloon, and even a telescope

The engineer looks to build creative and different designs out of the pieces of wood, and started with attempting famous landmarks. Al-Omar also told Arab News that he wishes to create objects and puzzles that “requires mental skills and not just something you build out of pieces of wood.”


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