These Throwback Pictures Of Hajj Show How Pilgrims Traveled Back In The Day

Hera Shabbir

With the Hajj season finally started, pilgrims are flocking from all over the world in MILLIONS to visit the holy sites of Mina, Muzdalifa, Arafat, and Makkah. The Kingdom has come a long way in providing different facilitations for the incoming pilgrims. Before all the flights, busses, and cars pilgrims used to travel mainly on foot, shuttle busses, and even camels! The Saudi Press Agency recently released these throwback images of Hajj that will make you do a MAJOR compare contrast between then and now!

This is how people used to travel in buses before

Nowadays you see people gathering in shuttles, trains, and cabs to make their way around the holy sites.

This is how people would travel on camels for the Hajj pilgrimage

Look at all the tents at mount Arafat!

This was the Grand Mosque before the big expansion

Here’s what throwing the stones in Jamarat, Mina looked like back in the day

Nowadays, the place is properly air-conditioned and has been expanded to facilitate the millions of visitors.


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