These Videos Of Snow In Saudi Arabia Will Give You Major FOMO

Hera Shabbir

Although the months of April and May are known to be a transition from Spring to Summer, some parts of the Kingdom are actually glistening in snow. Many videos and pictures have been circulating all over the internet of residents getting to enjoy cool snowfall during Ramadan, Eid, and the holidays! Be prepared to get some major FOMO looking at these gorgeous spots, wishing you were there!

This view is from Hail 😍

Saudi’s really enjoy snowfall in the best way 🤩

Taif witnessed quite a lot of rainfall this month!

Videos of snowfall in the city of Taif were circulating social media all last week. The city roads were blocked and crowded due to the heavy snowfall that needed to be shoveled out!

This gorgeous view of green and white can be found in AlShafa, Saudi Arabia

Medina also witnessed a snowy utopia in its southern region this week!


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