This Artist Creates The Most Magical Conceptual Designs Of Places Around Saudi

Hera Shabbir

Saudi is full of beautiful spots that are absolutely picturesque. From the large valleys and rocks of AlUla to the rich historical architecture of Diriyah, the Kingdom is full of diverse views. However, this artist adds a touch of something colorful to each picture of places in and around Saudi Arabia.

An artist known as ‘Future Bedouin’ on Instagram creates such STUNNING edits of places in the Kingdom

Imagine this stunning pink mosque existed in AlUla 😍. People in the comments are OBSESSING over this design, and some even saved it as their wallpaper. Some people even commented how the place looks satisfying enough to eat!

Imagine coming across this adorable camel…

This camel’s got some major style.

Here’s an edit of Diriyah featuring beautiful pastels!

Diriyah looks like a candy land here!

This concept for a waterpark is next level…😱

This artist makes every single edit look absolutely real! Saudi has become a colorful wonderland in all the images, and everyone is obsessed.

The comments on these posts are full of people obsessing and asking for more!

The page also features edits of UAE!


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