This Bizarre Rock Formation In Sharqiyah Has Become A Popular Tourist Site Thanks To Instagram


Trust Instagram to give you amazing travel inspiration, including some that have it in them to make you green with envy. One of the latest such sites in Saudi that everyone in Sharqiyah’s IG feeds is getting bombarded by is a large rock that rises from the desert like a proverbial sore thumb.

This colossal rock formation, jutting out defiantly, is rightly getting all the attention it deserves with its stark beauty and isolated grandeur.

Locals call it the Devil’s Thumb, but it’s also known as Judah’s Thumb after the town called Judah that lies close by.


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It’s an incredible spot to go camping; just look at the starlit skies above. For the more adventurous, there are trails leading up the rock face, offering panoramic vistas of the rippling sand dunes.

The best part is that it’s located just an hour and a half drive to the east of Dammam.

But be warned, Judah’s Thumb is a challenge to reach. A 4×4 drive is a must to navigate the unforgiving terrain.

The desert sun can be harsh, so proper planning is essential—you know the regular Saudi road trip essentials.

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