This Cristiano Ronaldo Doppelganger Had Everyone’s Heads Turning In Riyadh


There’s this TikTok influencer, Gokmen Akdogan, who’s famous for his uncanny resemblance to Cristiano Ronaldo. He was recently in Riyadh and was walking around the streets wearing Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr tee.

Let’s face it, Riyadh loves Ronaldo—come on, the city’s even got a dedicated museum for the guy.

Naturally, people couldn’t get enough of Ronaldo’s doppelganger. They’re lining up to snap selfies, shake hands, you name it. And of course, the internet’s buzzing about it too, thanks to a viral video that’s making the rounds.

@gokmenakdogan Saudi Arabia is the first night, the rest is coming, stay tuned, friends. #adanalıronaldo #cristianoronaldo #saudiarabia #saudiarabia🇸🇦 #cr7 #cristiano #ronaldo #adanalironaldo #turkishronaldo #alnassr_fc #fyp #lats #latspreas #fyp5266m #bpwkpp #lookalike #twin #capcut #latsspread #portugal ♬ orijinal ses – Gökmen Akdoğan

Now, while this Saudi Ronaldo lookalike is soaking up attention, the real Cristiano Ronaldo is making headlines of his own.

Apparently, he’s caught up in a bit of controversy over a gesture he made during a match against Al Shabab. Word has it, things got heated after fans started chanting Messi’s name, and Ronaldo might’ve responded in a not-so-friendly way. Ronaldo even got a one-match suspension for it.


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