This Dining Utopia Will Definitely Be Your 2023 Weekend Hangout In Riyadh

Hera Shabbir

Riyadh never falls short when it comes to bringing you the most unique and yummiest places to eat. From a lavish dining experience on Olaya street, to the yummy bites in Winter Wonderland, the capital is definitely an alpha for foodies. Get ready to welcome yet another grub-hub in the city which features the best selection of restaurants.

Say hello to Avenue 60, where you’ll find your favorite restaurants, a beautiful aesthetic, and perfect winter vibes

This spot will actually welcome a bunch of different restaurants that are already a popular favorite in the city. Scroll down to read all about the new hotspots you’ll definitely be seen at this weekend 👀

5. Bundt Bakery

Bundt Bakery is both a bakery and cafe that features a variety of delicious goodies like tarts, cakes, and more!

4. IDMI Cafe


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The place is known for its quality coffee, and you can now try  its new branch! Best part is, you can even take your favorite brew home and make it yourself 👌🏼

3. CAF

This place is definitely where hundreds of people will be flocking to get their caffeine dose 😋

2. Also


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Don’t worry burger lovers, Avenue 60 didn’t forget about you! This spot specializes in beef and chicken burgers, AND many other dishes such as pasta 😋

1. California Burger

This one’s definitely a classic for all burger lovers 🙌. You have to try their crunchy fries with mouth-watering meat and chicken sauce that you can’t miss 👌🏼

Enjoy the best food party at this spot, and don’t forget to share pictures with #lovinriyadh! 💚


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