This Famous YouTuber Messaged Al Nassr FC And They Replied!

Hera Shabbir

Everyone knows the name Al Nassr now thanks to Ronaldo’s iconic joining. The official Instagram page now has a total of 11 MILLION followers! 😱 However, a famous YouTuber and Ronaldo Superfan messaged the team on Instagram and got an amazing response!

Famous YouTuber iShowSpeed went live during Ronaldo’s Al Nassr presentation last week

IThe enthusiasm is real 👏 iShowSpeed was all smiles during the entire presentation and you could definitely see the excitement in his eyes. The YouTuber’s 4.1 million subscribers joined in on the historic unveil of Ronaldo as an official Al Nassr player.

iShowSpeed’s excitement actually lead him to message the official Al Nassr Instagram page, and they responded 👀

The video shows iShowSpeed messaging their account about being a huge fan of Ronaldo, and being at the first game. Al Nassr then responded with a ‘We will be happy to have you 💛.” If you could just imagine what the excitement of having Ronaldo’s new team respond to you would be like, iShowSpeed definitely depicted it all 😂

The YouTuber has been a Ronaldo fan for a while


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He even posted the coolest music video in honor of the legendary player 🔥


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