This Photographer Shows You Saudi’s Nature Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Hera Shabbir

Saudi is full of beautiful natural phenomenons that people have captured on camera. This photographer however takes you on a different journey of nature in the Kingdom. From the unique finds in the dessert valleys, beautiful sculptures in caves, and even some awesome aspects of other countries, this photographer is worth being on your radar to save some special pics 🙌.

Moath Alofi finds the coolest things in and around Saudi Arabia’s natural world 👀

Have you ever seen this before? Well, Moath captured what is known as an Acacia tree, at its prime.This tree yields true gum, a substance that’s used in adhesives, pharmaceuticals, inks, confections, and other products. Looks cool right? You can find these guys in and around Riyadh!

Here he is crawling through a narrow cave in Medina

The claustrophobia is real 👀. Imagine crawling through this narrow spot and just chilling there. Well, thanks to Moath, you don’t have do. He actually crawled right in, took some pics, and did the whole thing for you. Who knew Medina had such awesome wonders.

Did you know this was a thing?

According to Moath, locals sometimes gather rocks around a tree to claim ownership!

Yes, this cool rock was actually found in Saudi Arabia 🤩

Known as a Hematite, Moath made sure to take a pic of this beautiful black rock that was found in the valleys of Saudi Arabia.

You get to walk through the edge of the world here!

This was found near Riyadh

Moath even did the coolest collab with Cartier!

He really stepped up his game here got featured with one of the most prestigious brands out there! 👏 He was named the official Middle East representative of the Cartier “Tank.”

He also posted some cool shots of Iceland 👀

LOOK at that view.

If you’re a nature-lover then you definitely need Moath on your feed 👏


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