This Saudi Father Gifted Camels In Gratitude For American Visitors Who Took Care Of His Son Abroad

Hera Shabbir

These American visitors were shown ultimate Saudi hospitality by a father that was grateful for the care and love they shared with his son visiting the US

Most people get gifted perfumes and watches but this Saudi father expressed his gratitude in the most precious way of gifting these visitors camels. Both the father and visitors were seen getting emotional with tears down their face for the beautiful moment. How heartwarming!

The video got over 1 million views on YouTube, as all praised the father for expressing true Saudi hospitality.

Twitter loved the gesture with over 800 re-tweets of the video and pride for the Saudi child for embracing his Bedouin culture despite his western education

Sid and Greg, the American visitors, were nothing but grateful with emotional moments shared with the father, and even posted the amazing phenomenon on their Twitter account. Sid also praised the nation for its warm hospitality, and was grateful he got to witness the Kingdom’s greatness and kind hearts firsthand.

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