This Twitter Thread On The Old Doors Of Saudi Proves How Ah-Mazing The Kingdom’s Traditional Arts Are


If you visit any of the old neighbourhoods of practically any historic Saudi city, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the ornate doors that these houses had. Varying by the region, some more colourful and vivid than others, the doors were where the traditional arts of the kingdom were manifested.

A thread on these doors went viral on Twitter, and you defo need to check it out.

 A historic house in central Arabia may appear modest from the outside, but wait till you see its door.

The best part is that many are still holding on to this tradition, and some still continue to use these colourful doors for their houses.

These were actually status symbols back then.

Some serve pretty good functional purposes, like this door right here.

These art forms weren’t always limited to doors, some extended the colourful livery of their doors to the windows as well.


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