This Unique Rock Formation In Saudi Called ‘Bride Rock’ Is Causing A Stir


AlUla’s otherworldly landscape is pockmarked with unique rock formations—many of these have become super popular, like the Elephant Rock or the Rainbow Rock. Now, there’s a newcomer on the block (okay, it’s not new), and it’s causing quite a buzz—meet ‘Bride Rock.’

So, what’s so special about ‘Bride Rock’? Well, its distinctive form is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Its distinctive shape is truly one-of-a-kind, resembling a woman in a bridal gown, gazing upward with a train and all, hence the fitting name, Bride Rock.

Situated 100km north of AlUla, this gem is a bit off the beaten path, accessible only by a 4×4 due to its remote location.

And hey, while you’re adventuring, make sure not to miss the chance to explore AlUla’s other famous rock formations—it’s a landscape like no other!

So, if you’re an adventure seeker or just someone looking for the next Instagram-worthy spot, ‘Bride Rock’ in AlUla is calling your name.


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