This Year’s Edition Of Noor Riyadh Set 6 Different World Records!

Hera Shabbir

This year’s edition of Noor Riyadh bagged the famous light festival six new Guinness World Records! This would be the third year in a row that Riyadh’s most lit festival has broken records in these gorgeous displays around the capital. Scroll down to check out all the unique reasons Noor Riyadh got these six records, because it’ll definitely get you excited for next year!

Faisaliyah and Kingdom tower won awards for the most lights on a single building, used in a light show, and used in a sound show

Residents of Riyadh could spot this gorgeous light show from anywhere in the capital, as both iconic buildings lit up for Noor Riyadh. Both Faisaliyah and Kingdom Tower had the most gorgeous light display, WITH sound that got the whole capital excited. The show could be spotted from miles away, and even from up above!

The “Desert Swarm” illustration was the largest drone bird swarm with 3,000 drones! 

@cjpadul Desert swarm by Drift 3000 drore performance #noorRiyadh #thebrightsideofthedesertmoon ♬ original sound – MrsGrayRobles

The Desert Swarm lit up the skies of Riyadh, being one of the largest bird swarm with 3,000 drones and also the most amount of drones used in a week! Loads of residents lined up from the comfort of their homes for this one, as the drone show could be seen from all over the capital!

The “Magic Carpet, Origin of the World” broke the record for the largest interactive projection-mapped display

@idonttknooow1 #noorriyadh #kafd_riyadh #2023 #art ♬ Feeling Good – Michael Bublé

This display located in KAFD broke a world record for having the largest interactive projection-mapped display! Visitors got to walk through a moving projection located on the ground, that looked absolutely awesome! Videos of this spot have been going viral for days, as people around the Kingdom have been lining up at KAFD to see it.

KAFD’s Block Cubes skate park also became the world’s largest temporary skate park

@sheifaa3 Free skating in front of riyadh library for kids by @Noor Riyadh ♬ original sound – Sayed shifa

This spot had people lining up to get a good skate in under the gorgeous KAFD views! This skate park was actually named the world’s largest temporary skate park, getting the festival its sixth official world record!


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