This Year’s LEAP Conference Witnessed Quite The Overcrowding And Here’s Why

Hera Shabbir

The LEAP conference made a comeback to Riyadh to showcase all different kinds of technological discoveries, innovations, and progression by different companies. It also welcomes an important bunch of speakers and guest which has people flocking to meet them. This year’s conference is being held at the Riyadh Front Expo Center in Riyadh, from February 6-9. Many complained about overcrowding, poor crowd management, and struggling to enter the venue of this famous conference.

To start off, the route to the conference was jam-packed causing a major holdup

This person posted the google maps route to the conference, showing a 10-minute wait in bumper-to-bumper traffic 👀.

People were huddled around many different places of the exhibits

There was also a huge crowd at the Hektar stall

Hektar was distributing Abdulmajeed Abdullah concert tickets for those who visited their stall, and people were flocking by the masses. Abdulmajeed is quite the famous face in Saudi Arabia, and his tickets are known to sell out in seconds!

The draw urged people to download the Hektar app to see their favorite artist live

Many also complained that the crowding at the spot was poorly managed due to the heavy inflow of attendees. People were seen in bunches at the entrance, walking from the parking, and some even stuck outside due to the crowd. LEAP attendee, Reema officially told LovinRiyadh she struggled to find parking, and had to walk all the way from the Riyadh Front parking to the venue in order to get in.

An attendee posted this video of the crowding outside

It is urged that all attendees be careful during the overcrowding


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