Travelers To Riyadh’s Airport Are Getting Riyadh Season Passport Stamps


It’s difficult to believe that we’re nearing the end of Riyadh Season that’s been a roaring success and has kept those of us in Riyadh entertained throughout. The organizers certainly stepped up their game, and the festivities far exceeded expectations. But there’s still a few weeks to go before Riyadh Season draws to a close and visitors to Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport are now getting a one-of-a-kind passport stamp.

It’s almost like proof that you’ve visited the city when Riyadh Season was taking place.

Riyadh Season’s emblem appears on the stamp, along with the Arabic phrase “Asfarraat wa anwaraat.”

Those arriving at other airports have shared photos of how their passports were stamped with the Founding Day logo.

Riyadh Season did grab a lot of eyeballs. Earlier, a Saudia aircraft was painted in Riyadh Season’s liveries that carried passengers from Paris to Riyadh.

That’s how you keep take promotions to the next level.


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