Unauthorized Pilgrims Made Up 83 Per Cent Of Hajj Fatalities This Year

Hera Shabbir

Saudi Arabia recently reported around 1,301 deaths this Hajj due to severe heat exhaustion among pilgrims, out of which majority were unauthorized pilgrims. Authorities recently unveiled that severel tourism companies had tricked visitors into getting non-Hajj visas and encouraged them to stay in Makkah two months before the pilgrimage.

Out of the 1,301 deaths, around 1,079 had no Hajj permits

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior spokesman, Colonel Talal bin Abdul Mohsen bin Shalhoub, reported that 1,301 people died during Hajj, including 1,079 without Hajj permits. Unauthorized pilgrims made up 83 percent of the deaths. He also emphasized the media campaigns warning against Hajj without permits and the strict penalties for violators.

The spokesperson also noted that some people were misusing visit visas and other non-Hajj visas

He stressed that a Hajj permit is essential for tracking and providing care to pilgrims. Without it, delivering services and healthcare becomes challenging.

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