US Company Partners Up With Saudi Railway To Make Your Travel Easier

Hera Shabbir

Saudi Railway just recently teamed up with US transportation company, Uber, to make railway travel easier and accessible.

The partnership, initially of two years, will include areas such as Riyadh, Qassim, Hofuf, and Dammam in its first phase.

The second phase will includes stations in Al Majmaah, Ha'il, Al Jawf, Qurayyat, and Abqaiq.
Such service will allow rail passengers to use the Uber mobile app to book their routes directly, 
before reaching destination stations.

Muhammad Gazzaz, General Manager to Uber KSA, has stated that the partnership will "..expand the
 scope of transportation and provide more efficient access to the platform." Three sites will be allocated 
for the transportation of passengers using the Uber application in the arrival area of ​​each station. All 
stations will be equipped with systems to help passengers as they arrive, and guide them further to
designated arrival sites.

Saudi Railway hopes to benefit from the application in order to boost railway travel and effectively implement easy accessibility of routes.


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