Viral Video Of Local Gas Station Leak Raises Concerns On Social Media

Hera Shabbir

Filling up your tank in the Kingdom is actually quite easy considering the numerous stations around the country. People are always available to help you out to make a smooth and efficient experience. In this rare case however, someone was seen filling their tanks themselves, which lead to a terrible leak.

This video has been going viral of someone holding the filler tube, BURSTING with petrol

The man was seen confused as to how the leaking will stop, causing a nearby supervisor to come help. During the video however, people noticed that the person behind the camera was laughing, causing an outrage on social media.

Many criticized their recklessness and lack of seriousness to the dangerous act

People emphasized on the danger that this leak could cause, the worst being a terrible explosion on site.

Others however stated it could have been a genuine accident, but the perpetrators should still be arrested


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